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Buyback Info

What is book buyback?
Book buy back is way to give student’s top dollar for textbooks that they no longer need while allowing The Stallion Shop to purchase textbooks needed for the upcoming semester.

How is pricing determined?
We purchase books for the store, as well as for 3 wholesale vendors. Since textbooks at the end of the semester are considered used and in your possession for the entire semester (whether you chose to use it or not), you will never receive what you paid for the book. Our prices are typically around 50% of the retail price but can be less depending on the market price.

How do I get paid?
We offer cash in hand at the time we purchase the textbook from you. You can check our website and receive a quote and mail the textbook(s), however, you will receive a credit to your student account when this occurs.

When is book buyback?
Book buyback typically begins on the last day of class and continues through finals and graduation day. The Bainbridge campus will have limited days for book buyback. Signs are posted in-store and around campus, on our website and social media.

What do I need to sell my textbook?
You will need your ABAC ID card, or your student number and a picture ID.